#1 "Whole Food" Diet? von JoeClark 08.11.2017 09:27

Hi all,

Anybody try this one? It's quite simple, just eating 'whole foods.' What does that mean? Only a food that has not been separated from any of it's components due to mechanical or chemical processes, but it doesn't matter if a food has been cooked or not. This means you would only eat:

Whole grains

There is still some confusion if tofu/tempeh should be included, and I think it could go either way.

Anyway, I think this would be an ideal diet for health and athletic performance, but I suppose the real challenge is following it, just like the challenge posed by any other diet. Has anyone here tried or done this?

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#2 RE: "Whole Food" Diet? von Caroline 08.11.2017 10:53

Yes I am living vegan for a while now and can recommend it to everyone. Good for you, the environment and the animals. Win-Win for everyone

#3 RE: "Whole Food" Diet? von Hardy 17.02.2018 17:38


The problem on whole food is that not all whole foods are so complete any more.
Depleted soil produces a whole grain which is half empty already.

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